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She blogs about what she loves - dance, theater, food and travel

About Me

February 23, 2018 About Me 0

Meet the author, Nicole Burgin. She just can’t help herself. She loves a good story and is naturally inquisitive.

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Over the years, her curiosity annoyed friends who have patiently put up with her desire to be in the know and the questions that followed. Some of the best conversations started with a simple ‘hello’ and a genuine interest in people.

Nicole spent 20 years as a broadcast journalist. She loved searching out the little known facts about places and people and telling behind the scenes stories. In other words, finding out the history of a hole in the wall restaurant or how a building got its name.

Dance, Food, Music, Theater and Travel

The blog topics range from food, to music and theater. She’ll occasionally throw in a blog about where she’s been and points of interest. These are her observations about what interests her from the perspective of an insider.

She wants to thank those who heard the history of an old bank building, who waited at the stage door outside a Broadway theater and who allowed her to talk to strangers.